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What am I buying?

MatriX is an open-source software product which is freely available for download. It is dual licensed under either the GPL v3 or a commercial license.

While the GPL is the most approproate license for most Open Source products, its often not an option for commercial software product. The commercial license exempts you from the GPL license and gives you commercial license for MatriX. This includes also professional support services.

This is also the way to ensure that MatriX project will stay here for a long term.

Do I get any addons with the commercial license?

No, as of now all MatriX source code is available. You do not get any additional code, modules or documentation with your commerical license. This may change in the future with some pro features, but right now we have no plans for this.

How do you define a developer?

A developer is a person who is working directly on the software product using the MatriX XMPP SDK. The developers can be affiliated to your organization, or another organization that is fully-owned, partly-owned, or contracted by your organization for development and testing. Developers working on completely different modules of your application are not considered as developers. All build, staging and development servers are free and need no license. Developer licenses are floating and can be reassigned to different developers within your organization.

Do I need to pay royalties?

No, You don't have to pay any royalties or charges for redistribution of the libraries you have purchased. We license on a per-developer basis.

Can I develop multiple products with a license?

Yes. MatriX is licensed by developer. A single developer, or a team of developers can develop multiple applications with the license

Can I use the product after 12 months?

You can use the purchased license indefinitely. Once your 12 month subscription expires you will no longer receive the latest releases and updates as they occur. When the subscription is expired you can renew it for another 12 month for 50% of the regular price

Why are you using a bad exchange rate?

Our sales partner ShareIt includes a 'currency exchange rate risk' fee. This is the reason why there is sometimes a big difference to the daily exchange rates.

We suggest not to change from USD or EUR to another currency during your checkout. When the currency gets converted directly at your credit card provider or bank there are normally no additional fees. And when there are any they should be much lower than the ShareIt fees.

Can I get reseller discount?

No, we sell our products only directly to our customers.

Do you have a ECCN?

ECCN is the Export Control Classification Number assigned by the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security.

The ECCN for MatriX is 5D992. This classification is for software which uses encryption technology. MatriX is using only Crypto API from the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or newer. In detail this is transport encryption TLS and SSL, and all crypto algorithms needed for SASL authentication.

For ECCN 5D992 no export license is required and is declared as NLR.

Software products using the MatriX SDK may have different export restrictions and require a different ECCN. After purchase of the MatriX SDK you are responsible for all export administration regulations.